Search Engine Optimization

Every business owner wants to rank on the first page of Google's organic search results. We have been doing it since 1999. We have seen the evolution of Google's search algorithm and understand their past, present, and future direction. We put the items in place that Google is looking for.

Web Development

I love to build beautiful sites that actually do something. It's web 2.0 and 3.0 where we can interact with the customer and offer a useful service. My goal is to build highly intuitive content management systems, therefor making it easy when you need to update the content on your site.

ColdFusion Programming

Adobe's ColdFusion is my preferred programming language. CF is powerful and has a quick development time. Combining ColdFusion with a database makes anything possible.

Network Consulting

It's a must to have a sound infrastructure to work from. Redundancy, backups, throughput, alerts. Are you really ready for anything, including massive growth? Cloud hosting can be confusing. I've been using Amazon Web Services AWS for hosting virtual servers and I can help you with your networking needs.

SQL Administration

I work with both Microsoft's SQL Server and MySql. I can create a database from scratch or take over an existing database with 1000's of tables. A few of my skills include creating stored procedures, functions, triggers, scheduled jobs, configure replication, and conduct data mining.

Application Development

I mix the above skills to architect and develop web applications. Each project has a custom CMS built to make the administration of your content as intuitive as you would imagine it should be.